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Bringing Fire Dynamics Research to The Fireground - SLICE-RS

This course is a real-world case study of taking the latest in fire dynamics research to the street level.  While most agree that the latest research can improve firefighter safety, they struggle to translate the research into fireground tactics and implement that change in a successful manner.  This program rethinks the tactics of old and incorporates the latest research into tactics using the S.L.I.C.E.-R.S method. S.L.I.C.E.-R.S is an acronym developed to “operationalize” fire dynamic research concepts.  The program allows departments to leverage the research lessons to become even more aggressive and effective in protecting occupants and controlling the hazards at a structure fire.  The program also discusses overcoming resistance to change and the lessons learned in real world implementation.  The learning objectives of this course are:

  • Participants shall be aware of the outcomes of recent research in fire dynamics and their direct impact on firefighter safety
  • Participants shall understand predictable resistance to change and strategies and considerations to overcome this resistance. 
  • Participants shall be oriented to S.L.I.C.E.R.S. tactical acronym and methods to train department members in its use. 

A case study will be presented on how Hanover Fire and EMS successfully migrated to this method and the lessons learned along the way.  The intent is for the participants to benefit from that experience and be better prepared to take this new life-saving information back to their departments.

Leading With Attitude for Company Officers (4 or 8 hours)

Fire service company officers have the ability to solve complex problems with varying resources in a dynamic environment at an emergency scene.  They can mitigate challenging issues that no one could ever predict with creativity, ingenuity and speed.  Corperate America would love to learn our secret for such a gift.  Imagine if company officers used that same skill to lead, coach and counsel their troops at the fire station! Leading with attitude focuses on how become the best “leader of you” that you can be so that you are prepared and capable to lead others.  The program challenges company officers of all experience levels to perform at an elite level and prepares them to lead elite teams (their company).  Learn how to lead negative people, and more importantly, manage your own propensity for negative thought. The program is highly interactive and dynamic and is a must for every company level leader. 

Leading With Attitude for Chief Officers (4 or 8 hours)

It is difficult to be prepared for the challenges of being a chief officer.  This program focuses on values-based leadership and how to motivate your organization to be flexible, flat and fast.  Learn how to empower your young leaders and encourage creativty and ingenuity, while increasing accountability.   Discover methods to move your organization thorugh difficult challenges and changes while maintaining integrity and respect.  

Secrets of the Rock Star Engine Company!

This program provides insight into elite performers and elite team performance. Talent is good, but it is never enough. Eddie has learned a lot of strategies for success in the music business that he can bring to the fire service! Case studies of elite performers are used to identify common behaviors that firefighters can leverage to improve their performance in the station, on the fireground, and as part of their company. If you are ready to take your individual and company performance to the next level, then maybe you are ready to be a rock star! ALL LEVELS Pictured below with Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean Band) 

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Leading With Attitude Keynote!

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